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COCAINE COWBOYS 2 (Full Movie) – Hustlin’ With The Godmother


cocaine cowboys 2 full movieThe full movie Cocaine Cowboys 2 – Hustlin’ With The Godmother in HD (high definition) – Starring Charles Cosby, Griselda Blanco and Raul Diaz. Directed by Billy Corben. Here’s the story of a street level cocaine dealer named Charles Cosby from Oakland California. Who’s about to forever change his luck, when he decides to write a fan letter to the notorious Cocaine Godmother known as Griselda Blanco. The Godmother loves his letter so much that she replies back to Charles with an offer he just can’t refuse.

While watching television one evening Charles sees a news flash story about a big time cocaine distributor named Griselda Blanco, a deadly woman responsible for hundreds of murders in Miami, trafficking over 300 tons of cocaine, and plotting the kidnapping of JFK. So he makes the biggest decision of his life to write her a letter, while she was serving time in a nearby federal prison. A few months later – Charles is a multi-millionaire, the captain of The Godmother’s $100 million dollar a year cocaine distribution business, and the new lover of Griselda Blanco – The baddest bitch to ever breathe a breath of life!

Cocaine Cowboys 2 Full Movie

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Cocaine Cowboys 2 – Deleted Scene


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More About The Movie Cocaine Cowboys 2

Charles is the narrator of this movie and goes deep into detail with the life-and-times of Griselda Blanco – A Colombian born drug lord from Medellin. Griselda began her life rough with an abusive alcoholic mother, that forced her to runaway from home at the age of ten. Having to live out on the violent streets by herself with the slum children – she was forced into prostitution, kidnapping, and developed a serious hunger for murder just to survive out on her own.

Griselda got her first big break in life when she met her second husband Alberto Bravo – a local cocaine distributor from Medellin Columbia, who introduced Griselda to the cocaine business. Alberto convinces Griselda that they should move to America to improve their cocaine business, so her and her three sons move to Queens, New York with Alberto. And this is the beginning of the legendary tale of the cocaine queen known as The Godmother.


Cocaine Cowboys 2 Movie Review

The movie Cocaine Cowboys 2 – Hustlin’ With The Godmother gets a well deserved 5-star review from our film critics here at MobStar Flicks. This 2008 crime documentary movie is fully loaded with enough crime to receive a consecutive life sentence in federal prison. Cocaine Cowboys 2 – Hustlin’ With The Godmother is definitely the type of flick that you must add to the list of greatest crime documentary films of all time!

Cocaine Cowboys 2 Full Movie

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